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I hope you enjoy the recording.

Below are the songs available for download. To download them:
* Click on the yellow file name with your mouse
* A menu should come up to allow you to "save target as"
* When you select "Save Target As", this should give a window on your computer to allow you to select where you want the file to be saved.
* Once saved to your computer, you can add the song to itunes.
* To add the file to itunes after download, go into itunes and from the top menu, select "File", then select "Add File To Library"
* A window should allow you to navigate to the location where you downloaded the file.
* Enjoy! Email me if you have any trouble.

Note: If you select the file name with the left mouse button, the song will likely automatically start playing on a player on your computer (window media player or quicktime).

Follow You.mp3
Heart of Worship.mp3
Holy Spirit.mp3
This I Believe.mp3
Lay Me Down.mp3